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    Canna Blushing Diva

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    Canna Blushing Diva

    Canna Blushing Diva

    SKU: 11603-03Priced for a pkg of 3 large rhizomes
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    Detailed Description

    Most cannas are about striking foliage first and appealing flowers second. Blushing Diva, a newly developed cultivar, proves that cannas can also offer gorgeous blooms. The dense, full flower of this variety are a soft, fluttery blend of peach, pale apricot and warm pink. Gorgeous. But dont let the "Diva" part of the name lead you astray with regards to care. This variety is just as sturdy and easy to grow as the rest of the clan. Fast growing, robust stems, ideal height for beds and large pots, and virus resistant, to boot.
    Common Name: Canna Blushing Diva
    Botanical Name: Canna Blushing Diva
    Exposure: Full sun
    Hardiness: Zones 10-11, may be hardy to zone 9 with protective mulch
    Height: 2-3 feet
    Color: Flowers blend peach, pale apricot & warm pink, medium green foliage
    Bloom Season: July-Sept, close to year round in southern Ca., TX and FL
    Bulb/Plant Size: 2-3 eye tubers
    Number: 3 large tubers