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Princess Lily Mathilde | Coral Dwarf Alstroemeria Plant

Princess Lily Mathilde | Coral Dwarf Alstroemeria Plant

Alstroemeria Isabella

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Detailed Description

Princess Lily Isabella Plant - Coral Dwarf Alstroemeria Bulb Coppery blossoms, lemon feathering and mahogany whiskers and a desire to bloom all summer long earns Isabella a place in any garden. Like the alstroemeria that's found at the florist shop, this compact cousin produces blooms that last and last so there are virtually always blossoms to savor. A natural with large terra cotta pots, bronze urns or simple peasant baskets, Isabella is one of those plants that makes you wonder "How did I get along all these years without this?"
Common Name: Princess lily, dwarf Peruvian lily
Botanical Name: Alstroemeria Isabella
Exposure: Filtered sun
Hardiness: Zones 8-10, 7B with protective mulch
Height: 12-15"
Color: Coppery flowers with lemon accents & mahogany whiskers
Bloom Season: Early summer through fall
Bulb/Plant Size: well rooted plant in 4" pot
Number: 1 potted plant