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Summer is here and your garden is calling you! What will you treat yourselves to? Fabulous flowers and fragrance? New native plants? Butterfly magnets? Whatever you decide - we've got you covered! Great quality and personal service. Gardener to gardener. Have fun!

***Check back soon for many more Fall items to be posted as we confirm harvests!***

Adventure Packs (Free flower bulbs!)- Willow Creek Gardens

Gardeners are adventurous - that's one of the many great things about them. Most love to try new varieties, colors and combinations.

We like to encourage this. How better than with free flower bulbs? Our complimentary bulbs, a.k.a. Adventure Packs, are full size bags of fresh flower bulbs. All are first quality with $6.95-$9.95 values.

Just order $50 or more of any bulbs, plants and supplies - your choice - and we'll include a free Adventure Pack (These will automatically be added to your shopping cart).

Explore and enjoy!